3 Biggest Detox Mistakes – and how to avoid them!

October 1, 2021

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The word ‘detox’ has unfortunately picked up a bit of a bad rap in recent years; namely the result of juice cleanses, tea-toxes and super restrictive diet plans – not to mention the more obscure ones that shall remain unmentioned.


But what you may not know (and I wouldn’t blame you considering mainstream media) is that there is a safe and effective way to help boost your body’s natural detoxing processes and kickstart long-term healthy habits – one that actually includes (delicious) food!


The most important thing about a detox is doing it right. In this article we’re going to look at the benefits of a gentle detox, how to choose the right programme for you and how to avoid making the 3 biggest mistakes most people make while detoxing. 


Before we dive in, let’s look at what detoxing is…


Does your body naturally detox?

The short answer; yes. The long answer; we’re living in an ever-increasingly toxic world, so despite the fact that our bodies naturally process toxins, it’s an ever-harder battle for our organs to face.


Air pollution, chemicals in our tap water (although the UKs is amongst the cleanest), less nutrient-dense soil, and the products we use every day include a range of toxins from parabens or carcinogens that our bodies are trying to defend against. 


Choosing to detox could give your body the helping hand it needs by lightening the toxic load and allowing natural processes to work optimally.


Why should I detox?

People choose to start a detox for a variety of reasons, here are the most common ones I’ve heard since being a Health & Wellness Coach:


“I’m exhausted”

“I’m bloated”

“My skin breaks out all the time”

“My body aches all the time”

“I can’t shake this weight”

“I wake up tired” 

“I feel so overwhelmed” 


The good news is that the first, and most important step in starting an effective detox is being aware of how your body is feeling – awareness gives you control. 


How are toxins related to stubborn fat?

The liver is our body’s first port of call for dealing with toxins – however the way it does this is not always conducive to our weight loss goals. The liver’s way of protecting us from toxins is to wrap them up in a ball of mucus and store it in fat cells – pretty gross, right? It can also be pretty frustrating. 


If you’ve struggled to burn off stubborn belly fat, this could be the reason why. Your body will try to hold onto the fat that’s storing toxins in order to keep you safe i.e. the fat’s not going anywhere until the toxins do! 


Detox programmes work to reactivate the toxins, release them from the fat cells, get rid of the toxins and allow you to burn the fat. Win-win right? Feel great and lose stubborn fat! But detoxing can do more than simply instigate short-term benefits…


Detoxing & long-term habits 

Our eating habits can be hard to change – in fact there’s a reason they’re called habits. Habits are repeated behaviours that become automated by our brains – we do them almost without thinking. This means that in order to change them we have to make a conscious decision to replace unhealthy habits with new, healthy ones. 


Detoxing can be a great way to kickstart these new habits. An effective detox not only helps your body’s detox processes, it also reconditions your mind and encourages you to reassess how you’re feeling – that is of course, when a detox is done right!


Here are the 3 biggest mistakes people make while detoxing and how to avoid them…


Mistake #1 Doing a detox that’s too complex

Overly complexity in any area of life can make us feel overwhelmed and undermotivated but especially with a detox. Many programmes will encourage you to give up the food you love (or food altogether) and adopt a super complex, super restrictive diet instead – AKA super unsustainable. 


The reality is the dramatic shifts in your eating habits might get results in the first few weeks but they can’t be maintained in real life. There are, however, plenty of detox programs that are quick, easy to follow, deliver real results, and take the work out for you. Making the right choice for you, is the most important thing!


Mistake #2 Going it alone

Our willpower is fickle, ever-changing and dependent on a variety of things outside of our control like our moods, our hormones and our quality of sleep. Relying on your willpower alone makes changes to your habits really challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. 


When you have a great support system of people doing it with you, the process becomes instantly easier, even enjoyable. You feel motivated, supported and like you’ve got your own personal squad of cheerleaders to keep you going. 


Mistake #3 Punishing yourself

A detox shouldn’t feel like a punishment and you don’t have to do a hard-core cleanse to get the benefits of a detox!


In fact, hard-core detoxes can actually be worse for you because they increase your stress levels. What’s the point in drastic change if you’re so miserable halfway through that you dive into a packet of crisps?


Gentle detoxes are far more effective and much more likely to help you get lasting results and implement long-term changes. 


Detox right with RESET 

My 5-Day Reset programme is a short, gentle detox that helps you reset your eating habits, boost energy levels and kickstart weight loss – all without giving up delicious food!


Want to…

  • Boost your energy levels throughout the day without relying on caffeine?
  • Relax and wind down in the evening without the need for indulgences?
  • Curb your cravings and relinquish your desire for unhealthy foods?
  • Improve your digestion so you feel lighter, happier and healthier?
  • Discover how to sustainably eat healthy for lifelong benefits instead of crash dieting?

This is the programme for you!


I give you everything you need to succeed and enjoy the process including tonnes of support from the incredible group of women you’ll be doing the detox with. This programme is perfect for beginners, it’s gentle, effective and super easy to follow. 


Don’t just take my word for it…

“I took part in the Spring 5-Day RESET programme and I felt incredible by the end of it: less bloated; waking up early with more energy; healthier, with the added bonus of losing 2kg! I would highly recommend this plan to anyone. The meals were delicious and filling, the support Irina provides is invaluable and it’s a great way to reset your body.” – Samantha W.


Included in the 5-Day Reset:

  • Members-only community via a WhatsApp group – your cheerleaders!
  • Meal plans to help you stay on track
  • Loads of delicious recipes including adjustments for every dietary requirement
  • Shopping lists to take all the hard work out of it
  • My support all step of the way!


If you want to kickstart healthy habits this Autumn then join us! Programme runs 4th-8th October – let’s press RESET!

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