Making healthy work for you

It can be really hard knowing where to start with your health journey, particularly when feeling great in your body feels so far off or even unimaginable - but the first step is the hardest, so let’s take it together. Creating a truly sustainable change to your lifestyle is all about making it actually work for you, and that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s make healthy work for you, for life!

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The key here is balance! Together, we create and help you implement changes that feel natural and don’t force you into cravings or bingeing caused by restriction. Your mindset is the most powerful tool you have when making a sustainable change to your lifestyle which is why I help you learn how to adjust your thinking and nurture a healthy mindset around food. 

So, you want to learn how to nourish your body with food you enjoy and meals that make you feel good? 

Healthy doesn’t equal restriction! For me, a healthy diet is not only about nourishing your body, it’s also about nourishing your soul. 

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"I was stuck in a rut before I met Irina.
She has changed my life all for the better."


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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


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Ways to Work Together

Learn about your individual nutritional needs and get 1:1 coaching to create and maintain a bespoke plan to help you achieve your health goals. 


A gentle yet effective 5-Day Detox to help you reset your eating habits and kickstart your weight loss without giving up delicious food!


Don’t know where to start?
Give me a call! I offer a free discovery call so we can figure out the right path for you.


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”

— Jim Rohn

1:1 Coaching

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We work closely together to transform your body and your mind - empowering a stronger, healthier mindset around food, creating a personalised diet plan, and implementing new healthy habits that will stay with you for life. My coaching programs are flexible and entirely personalised so you can get the right level of support you need to guide you through these transformative lifestyle changes. I’m there, every step of the way!

My bespoke 1:1 health coaching programs offer you personalised guidance and support to help you reach and maintain your health goals - for life!


You want personalised support to help you reach and maintain your health goals!

5-Day Reset

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Has your skin been acting up? Do you find yourself crashing mid-afternoon? Or craving sugar, carbs, and other junk food? It’s time to try a gentle but effective detox! In my 5-day Reset courses we reset your eating habits, focus on eating healthy whole foods, and learn how to feed your body what it really wants. By introducing nutrient dense meal ideas and identifying unhealthy habits, I help you reconnect with your body and introduce healthy strategies that last a lifetime - in just 5 days!

My seasonal 5-day Reset courses are all about helping you get back in touch with your body and discovering new ways to nourish it as part of a healthy lifestyle.


You want to discover new sustainable ways to transform your eating habits & feel great for it!

"Irina’s expertise and personalised approach were instrumental for the results I have achieved."

I came to Irina because I wanted to improve my health and lose weight, which I found difficult to shift despite working out every day. After working with Irina my body shape has visibly changed. I’m feeling healthier, stronger and have adopted healthy habits which have just become a way of life. I couldn’t have done it without her!



Women who are thriving…

"I finally know how to be consistent with healthy habits."

I had been able to achieve great results with better nutrition before but was not able to stick to the principles consistently. I had a great experience with Irina. I learnt about how to eat more "intelligently" and healthily as well as how to exercise more efficiently. I am pleased to say that I lost the weight and am still following her guidance and advice 2 years on!



"I reset my eating habits and found a new level of healthy"

After the 5-Day RESET I felt incredible: less bloated; waking up early with more energy; healthier, with the added bonus of losing 2kg! I would highly recommend this plan to anyone. The meals were delicious and filling, the support Irina provides is invaluable and it’s a great way to reset your body.


feels incredible